Automobile Prices For Different Car Segments

With the boom in the automobile industry in India, many world-class car manufacturers, producing cars in different sizes and different price range have established their production and operation centers in the country. Indigenous car manufacturing companies also are coming up with many new cars fitted with world-class comforts. India is a growing market for automobile companies across the world. There are a number of companies and automobile prices also vary from company to company and model to model.

Automobile prices are influenced by a number of factors. The most vital parameter in deterring the automobile prices is the target market. India being a major focus for many world-class car manufacturers, automobile prices usually under go a revision. It also depends a lot on the facilities provided and the technology involved in the manufacturing of the vehicle. The price of a particular model of car of a specific company depends on the price of the similar models manufactured by other companies.

Automobile prices also vary according to the segments of car. A particular segment comes under a particular price range. However, a little variation in the automobile prices is noticed depending on the additional features added to that model. Various car manufacturers falling under a specific segment fix almost similar price for cars with almost similar features. Cars falling under A-segment are usually low priced. All the small cars come under A-segment cars. Some of the car manufacturers selling A segment cars in India include; Maruti, Suzuki, TATA, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and FIAT. Usually price of these A-segment cars falls under a range of Rs 2 Lacs to Rs 3 Lacs.

If you talk about the B-segment cars, they are generally bigger in size and have enhanced features and functionalities. With various options for safety and comfort, these B-segment cars represent the mid-sized cars. Usually the prices of B-segment cars are not comparably more than A-segment cars.

The next higher priced cars are fall under the C-segment cars. Some of the reputed C-segment car manufacturers operating in India include, TATA, Suzuki, Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, and Chevrolet. These cars usually come under a price range of Rs 5lacs to Rs 10 Lacs or more.

The D-segment cars are different in a sense that they represent luxury. Undoubtedly fitted with the best engines to ensure optimum efficiency and fuel economy, the D segment cars give the best comfort and luxury. Mercedes, BMD, Audi, Hyundai, Lexus, and Skoda offer various D-segment cars in India. The prices of these cars can start from Rs 15 Lacs to even more than Rs 1 crore.


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