6 Uses for Portable Storage Buildings and Carports

At Mytee Products in Aurora, OH, their inventory of farming supplies includes portable storage buildings they sell for a variety of uses around the farm. Some of their customers purchase the structures for storing hay. Others find them ideal for parking equipment over the winter. Regardless of the reason for buying though, the portable storage building has a lot of convenient uses.

The structures sold by Mytee Products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From a single unit just barely big enough to house a large tractor to an oversized storage building that could keep plenty of hay dry, there is an option for everyone. Even better, Mytee Products says their portable storage buildings are not just for farmers. They are so versatile that just about anyone could find a use for one.

Have you been thinking about buying one yourself? If so, here are six uses for portable storage buildings other than uses around the farm:

1. Winter Car Storage

You might not be interested in having your car housed in a garage year-round, but you are also not fond of having to defrost the windows and brush snow off during the winter. A portable storage building is a great compromise. Put it up in late November and take it down at the end of March. You will save yourself the hassle of a snow- and ice-covered car without having to live with a permanent garage alongside your home for 12 months out of the year.

2 – 4. When You Go Camping

The portable storage building has a lot of uses when you go camping. For example, let’s say you’re planning on spending a week in an isolated spot up by the lake. Park your car under the portable building for the entire time you’re there – you won’t be driving anyway. You will be keeping it out of the sun, protecting it from animal droppings, and basically keeping it clean until you are ready to return home.

Alternatively, a portable storage building is an excellent place to set up your camp kitchen. This is a great option if your idea of camping doesn’t include an RV, trailer, or motor home. Tent campers love portable storage buildings for creating all sorts of outdoor living spaces from kitchens to ‘living rooms’.

Finally, an outdoor storage building is a great place to park your toys overnight. Park your ATVs, dirt bikes, bicycles, kayaks, and canoes. Keeping them out of the weather when not in use will help them last longer.

5. Outdoor Entertainment

If you entertain a lot, you might find a portable storage building ideal for summer entertainment. These buildings tend to be bigger than portable screened rooms and more capable of dealing with weather. Leave the flaps open while the sun is out; bring everyone inside if it starts to rain. It is the perfect dual-use structure for entertaining outdoors.

6. Temporary Storage During Remodeling

Finally, you may have to move some of your possessions out of the house to accommodate a remodeling project. The portable storage building is one way to do so. Rather than shipping your belongings off to a self-storage location that may be miles from home, set up a temporary storage structure behind your house. Use plastic tubs and moving blankets to protect your stored items from dampness. And of course, do not set anything directly on the ground. Lay down tarps, pallets, or something else first.

Portable storage buildings and carports are not just for farm use. There are plenty of other great uses for suburban and urban dwellers too.

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