4 Ways Fleet Management Can Benefit From ELD Mandate Compliance

One of the largest and biggest stresses fleet owners generally face while using the mandate is the need to buy and train all the employees on the particular technology that is required for the compliance. The ELD is making fleet managers move in the more modern and mobile-friendly world. Almost everyone uses a smartphone or tablet to complete a task. The ELD along with the emergence of the fleet management software is taking the fleet managers in the way of modernization. Hence, the ELD is becoming quite popular these days.

While the move from the traditional fleet management to the modern technique is quite intimidating, the use of the modern technology has made the process easy and made fleet managers control and access the Hours of Service. If you are an owner of the fleet management system and you want to control the driving speed and HOS of your drivers, you can use an ELD mandate device from the reputed company. Here are some of the benefits of the ELD logging device explained-

  1. Improved safety

When you are using the ELD, you can improve the safety purpose like reducing the distracted driving, sending the roadside assistance to the driver who is going through the breakdown, helping the drivers for the monitor speeding and also reducing the number of fines associated with the pending tickets. The ELD is also useful in reporting about the unsafe driving. These are some of the benefits of using the ELD for your fleet management.

  1. Increase the level of driver productivity

With the use of the ELD device, drivers can reduce the need to fill out the logging paper properly. As per the FMCSA, it is recorded that the drivers spend about 20 hours per year on the paperwork or more than 15 minutes each day. Though it seems like the small number, reducing the paperwork adding the driving time each day and it also increases the overall productivity.

  1. Reduced the fuel costs

When drivers have access to the hand-free direction to the destination, fuel costs are reduced by eliminating the turns and long routes. Several GPS and the telematics providers use the ELDs and fleet management for ensuring that all the data is securely stored in the system.

  1. Maintaining the HOS compliance

With the use of the ELD device, the fleets will to meet and sustain the HOS compliance. To remain compliant with the ELD mandate is very important as it helps in reducing the violations that are received to increase the safety of the road.

These are some of the benefits of using the ELD mandate device. As the fleet manager, if you want to install the ELD system in your vehicles, you can consult with the reputed company that provides this device.

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