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Nahimic: the Advanced Audio Enhancement Software

The quality of the image is essential while playing video games but to take full advantage of it, the quality of the sound is equally important. At the moment, there are plethora of gaming headsets which allow gamers to enjoy a better virtual surround experience. If the stereo system is still efficient for those who are fond of simple titles that not require a high quality of sound, the 5.1 system is more appropriate to demanding games. Then, the 7.1 surround sound system is the best of the best and very appreciated by those who are used to play MMO and FPS games. And the other alternative is the use of the clever audio software by Nahimic.

About the Nahimic Software

This gaming sound technology is the product of a company founded in 2004 by two French engineers. Their aim is to enhance the quality of the sound during gameplays even if the players use plain headphones and speakers. In a nutshell, they need no specific hardware to make it work and make the best of their gameplays. Over the years, Nahimic has teamed up with other companies like MSI to provide them a new audio technology for their gaming devices.

Meanwhile, the dedicated software is getting more and more popular with gamers. Thanks to it, they do not even have to spend a small fortune on a high-end gaming headset to enjoy a 7.1 level of quality sound. Nahimic immersive audio software uses frequency leveler abilities such as a bass boost to be more effective. Thus, it improves the voice clarity so that the gamers can hear it better and beat their opponents easily. It also ameliorates interactions with the other players when they play massively multiplayer online games.

The Key Points of the Nahimic Software

In addition to the enhancement of the voice clarity, this gaming technology provides a voice leveler function in the recording section. It always adjusts the volume of the user’s voice in an automatic way. Besides, the immersive audio software removes 90% of all the background noises, only the best modern gaming headsets can claim the same performances. The gamers can enjoy all of these advantages with no calibration. As a matter of fact, all voice effects are dynamically adjusted through the Nahimic immersive audio system to monitor constant feedback of the background noises.

It is impressive to be able to hear a single step behind your back while playing your favorite games without using a quality headset. It also records your voices clearly by removing most of the background noise. Notice that this surround software can do automatically anything to the audio signal that the user would have to do manually with a free audio software and even more. The automated and real time process is one of its greatest assets. The latest generations of Nahimic sound software have a Volume Stabilizer which is equipped with a Night Mode to let you play with the volume you want without disturbing people around you. The main frequencies are divided in 3 sections: Bass, Voices and Treble.

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