The WHOIS Database Availability & How To Download It

During the information era, there has been an increase in the number of fake websites and profiles that have been used to dupe gullible internet users for their hard earned cash. Though this was not the main reason behind the development of WHOIS, the idea has done well to shield internet users from being scammed. What is WHOIS? Well, this is a response protocol that typically answers queries regarding stored information on different databases. Its history dates back to 1970 when creators of Arpanet decided to create WHOIS in Stanford’s information center.

How available is the WHOIS database and how do you download it?

How available is WHOIS? Well, WHOIS availability is dependent on several factors such as price and the volume of data that you require. By using their website, you can search a domain name directly, and from there you can get all available domain names. Other WHOIS availability options are from third-party dealers. Now the question that most people keep asking can you download the WHOIS database? The answer is yes. The best way to get the WHOIS database download is by paying their one-time fee, and once you have done that, you can now download the database.

Advantages of using WHOIS database

According to WHOIS XML API, advantages of buying WHOIS database from their website is that you get high volumes of data history, domains and top parsing quality which is unmatched if you decide to buy from other sellers. WHOIS is instrumental in brand protection, domain analytics & transfer, cyber-attacks. WHOIS data center estimates that there are over 300 million domain records along with a daily growth rate of 150, 000 domains globally. Examples of practical uses of downloading WHOIS database include fraud detection such as searching for IP addresses that are associated with criminal activities by law authorities. Also, website registrars require WHOIS to keep track of all domains. Lastly, market researchers need database downloads to check current and previous trends for a specific brand.

How do you download the WHOIS database?

Expert Exchange suggests that there are several database sellers in the globe with the most genuine being WHOIS XML API. Though other providers may be cheaper, it is advisable to do a review check to avoid losing money. Before downloading this data, you need to be wary of several things. One restriction that WHOIS database download has is that users are restricted from redistributing it to other parties. Also, you are restricted from selling these data; hence it is for personal use.

  • The first step is to visit their official data center website and place an order for their database.
  • Once there you will be required to choose whether you want to download its entire database with a single stroke or a yearly subscription which means four quarterly downloads of complete databases. Also, you can choose either to have daily updates or historical snapshot of the WHOIS database; usually billions of data.
  • It is noteworthy that having a complete WHOIS database download can be very effective in terms of security and marketing for your business.

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WHOIS Database is Available For Download And Here’s How

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The WHOIS database contains valuable domain information on millions of records that a company might find useful and fortunately it’s available for download.

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