6 Reasons why Zamak Is The Best Material For Making Quality Watches

Quality Watches

Do you know there are many materials for making jewelry? Besides carbon, aluminum, Liquid metal, brass, ceramic, copper, etc., let’s pay attention to one type of metal alloy that has grabbed the attention and has the best jewelry production results Zamak.

The Zamak alloy comprises different metals. The metals Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and copper, are what make up the alloy Zamak. The name Zamak is derived from the initials of the four metals names Z-Zinc, A-Aluminum, MA – Magnesium, K- Kupfer/Copper.

And why is Zamak reliable at watch-making? Read on and find out why this alloy is precious in making watches.

  1. Strong and Tough

Zamak alloy is equivalent to safety. Besides the alloy’s safety feature on watches and other jewelry, Zamak is a strong material that can sustain significant impacts for its less weight. The alloy has a high boiling point of up to 400oC. The high boiling point makes it favorable to work with in making robust watches

By using this alloy in making watches, you can forget other weak materials used to manufacture clocks. For example, Zamak watches avoid the risks of water absorption, unlike in aluminum materials and fire issues of magnesium products. Furthermore, Zamak is a lead-free alloy and has no allergy reactions to the skin.

  1. Easy to mold

Zamak alloy is easy to assemble and work on. To manufacturers, working with Zamak is way better compared to other materials. The high nature of plastic deformity in Zamak makes watch manufacturers quickly develop new designs or customize a clock for customers.

Zinc presence in Zamak brings about the increased flexibility, allowing the parts to be formed and deformed easily until the manufacturers reach the desired shape.

  1. Perfect Corrosion strength

Do you have a watch and you are worried about it rusting? Well, worry not. If the clock is made using the alloy Zamak, your watch is safe. Zamak pieces of jewelry are firmly able to withstand corrosions even when subjected to intense weather conditions. The galvanization with Zinc increases corrosion strength.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Compounds with Zinc generally need minimal amounts of energy to work on in making high-quality watches. This makes Zamak an environmentally product for transformation into making finished watches and clocks compared to its counterparts.

Furthermore, Zamak alloys release no toxic residues or pollutants into the air during the development of pieces of jewelry. Also, you should know that all jewelry products from Zamak are fully recyclable

  1. Versatile Finish

Zamak pieces are entirely made with much attention to detail in them. The material nature makes it easy for precision cutting and produces a high-quality watch. The Zamak-made pieces of jewelry have perfect surface finishes.

  1. Durable

Many other materials tend to lose their image with time. Constant wear and tear are notable in other materials such as metal. Metals tend to lose the lust appearance and shining nature with time. Zamak maintains the appearance and is not affected by constant wear.

Get the all-new Zamak watches and surprise your loved ones with the new concept of making classy and robust watches!

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