Guide for Rust steps and recommendations to follow

Rust can be a bit difficult or complicated since you can find yourself in a situation where you do not know clearly what you should do. However, you should not fear because here are the guidelines that can serve as a guide. Click here for Rust hacks.

Get a tool or weapon

Near where you spawn, run along that road. Just go collecting fabrics to make a sleeping bag, a bow and bandages. Also, concentrate on looting brown boxes, food boxes and red tool boxes. This gives you a good chance of getting a real tool or a basic weapon. Visit this site for Rust hacks.

On the other hand, you should consider that if you hit the barrels with a simple rock for a long time, you will make too much noise.

Guide for Rust steps and recommendations to follow

Collect a lot of wood and stone

Once you have obtained a tool, weapon or bow, it is recommended that you now go to an area that is close to the beach. While there, concentrate on gathering as much wood and stone as possible.

On the other hand, it is very important that you put your sleeping bag in a rather discreet place and close to the location where you are collecting resources. This is done in order to store the objects you collect in nearby hiding places.

Build something near water

Having the safe resources, proceed to build to stay close to the water, even that part of the construction is partially in it and thus allow a boat to be locked inside.

The construction can be 1 × 2 or a standard 2×2, the important thing is that the one you choose carries an airlock. In addition to this, it is good that the internal part where the boat is stored, has a double door (like a garage door). Now move your sleeping bag and the items you have inside.

At this point you should consider that if the part of the pier is not deep enough, the ship will decompose.

Go find animals

What follows after having your base done, is that you go with a weapon to look for animals. Although you also have the alternative of hitting red barrels on the road so that the oil or crude oil is refined.

If you choose to go looking for animals, you only have a melee weapon. In this way, the easiest way to do things is to make them slower, so you can take them to the water. Another way you can implement when hunting animals is to jump, so they will not know what to do, although this is easy only in large animals.

Fortify your base and get a boat

At this point it is recommended that you proceed to create furnaces to make metal sheet doors. In addition, you could also do code locks, if you are in a group.

On the other hand, after the above, you should go out and run along the beaches until you get a boat. When he gets it, he returns to the base. If you made the base as instructed, enter the boat in it.

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