The Benefits of VoIP for Your Business

The telephony systems and other forms of communication we use are vital to the efficient operation of any business. Whether internal phone calls within the company or external phone calls to clients and suppliers, fast and effective communication is key to success.

One of the ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your business is by making the switch to a network based phone system instead of the traditional landline based systems we’ve used for decades. If you’re yet to make the switch, we’re going to outline how you could stand to benefit.

What is VoIP Telephony?

VoIP simply stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, telephone calls which are made through the use of the internet rather than a traditional copper cable which is routed through a series of exchanges.

VoIP is a much more flexible solution for voice communication as it is seamless, with the capability of being interfaced within an existing IT network without the need for anything other than suitable handsets and a computer.

  1. Business Cost Savings

The provision of dedicated telephone lines for business use constitutes a significant cost for any medium to large company. The way that such telephony systems are setup is that a number of phone lines will be leased, each one attracting a fee depending on the functionality required.

VoIP phone systems are for more flexible with all communications being routed through the internet, foregoing the need to lease several physical phone lines and thus lowering costs.

  1. Increased Telephone Functionality

One of the most attractive aspects of VoIP telephony is the increased functionality that such capability provides. Since all calls are routed through your average desktop computer, each user is able to benefit from a variety of software integration such as linking your phone system to your email account.

  1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Tying in with our previous point, handling all of your incoming and outgoing calls through a few mouse clicks has the ability to dramatically increase productivity.

If your business is a call centre or handles a significant volume of telephone calls, introducing VoIP to your business could prove to be a huge benefit that allows you to serve your customers better and increase your turnover.

  1. Increased Flexibility

Some VoIP systems that are available give you the ability to handle telephone calls when away from your desk, either with the use of a dedicated headset or a mobile phone.

If your business requires your staff to be mobile but still available on the phone, this benefit alone could be worthwhile enough for you to consider making the switch to VoIP phone systems.

Business VoIP Availability

VoIP has now become mainstream with it readily available from a range of service providers in Australia. aLink VoIP systems receive favourable reviews from existing clients but there are several other service providers which you can pursue quotations from. We would suggest obtaining at least three quotations to ensure value for money.

Once you make the switch to VoIP and experience the benefits, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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