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You know that the best and the most expensive is the best video camera, but is that true? Whether you’re doing videos, wedding events, or even corporate video movies, why is the cost of thousands of dollars at a low-cost camera when an inexpensive camera does that, if not better?

Over the years, my experience with video-video films has taught me many things, but I think the most important lesson I have learned is; Suppose you went to buy video cameras. You get a camera, and I think the cost is a lot of tools from my end. This technology is very high compared to my technique. However, if you read camera features, then you will see that the most critical element of video production is the same.

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Suppose an expensive camera will be run by anyone in the recording of wedding videos for three months. I’m taking a $ 2000 camera for another wedding. The difference is that I have more than 25 years of experience, which are wedding video videos. Finally, which video do you think best? Most people do not know that the best video camera will be more than $ 2,000. The truth is that the final result is very different.

The wedding video shown by the camera is more than the stability of the camera itself. So does it tell you about buying cameras? Not how much I paid for the camera. I understand that we all knew that the video offered by the cheaper camera would be better than the expensive video maker by the fancy camera.

The reason for this is that the photographer, the cheapest wedding photographer, has more than 25 years of abusive marriage videos or any video. An experienced person knows what is the photo during the wedding and where to put the camera the best, when to use the zoom lens and how to focus on the image. A person with a three-month experience can not know what to do if someone opens the back door of the church during the celebration. A flood of outdoor lighting could severely disable the video. The person who kicks the camera’s face does not know where the back-light keys are, or how to use it for immediate repair and video system.

An experienced person can wait for someone to open the door during a ceremony and be ready to correct immediately. A veteran video maker will be prepared before marriage begins.

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Ultra-modern video cameras can cost a fortune, and they are not ready for wedding videos, events or even corporate videos. Why do you think that buying a camera like this will help you when your market is a consumer market?

Finally, when you buy a video camera, you first need to know what to record. Secondly, you should read the features and compare them. If you find that the most expensive camera can shoot under the water and plan to work underwater, then paying it more means. I know that many professional video photographers think they have costly cameras, their videos will be better, while the videos are not right.

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