Features of the Best Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Roomba is certainly one of the top brands when it comes to robot vacuums. The vacuum models from Roomba have wheels for efficient suctioning of debris from wheels alongside brushes for grabbing dirt from the wall edges and floor. There are many Roombas in the market and if you want to compare the two best Roombas to make a choice, there are various features to check out for.


Different Roombas include automatic modes that let you press a button on an app or remote to initiate the vacuum operation. The best models are designed such that they will allow you to program the cleaning schedules to your preferences. The smarter and latest models include smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, which lets you control the robot vacuums by the use of voice commands.

Cleaning Modes

Smart Roombas are designed so that they can be adjusted to suit the floor being cleaned. The pack the ability to change suction and other functions automatically or through manual input to allow for easy cleaning of hard flooring and carpets.  Some include spot modes that allow for wider concentrated cleaning on small areas.

Navigation and Mapping

The smart Roombas are designed to minimize the user’s input into ensuring the units perform their tasks as expected. They have smart navigation and mapping technologies, which enable them to navigate differently layered rooms seamlessly, while smoothly maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles around the rooms. The smart sensors let the robots detect obstacles and turn back so they do a thorough job within the areas they are restricted to.  The Smart Roombas have onboard cameras and laser reflections that generate a 360-degree view of the rooms, allowing the robots to create maps of the spacing in question.

The Size and Dimensions

Different Roombas have varied designs and dimensions. There is virtually a Roomba for handling any kind of cleaning work regardless of how big or small it is. Smaller Roombas pack smarter and more efficient features alongside their small size, which makes it possible for them to navigate through restricted areas. The bigger models pack smart and innovative features alongside powerful cleaning motor to ensure they can efficiently handle bigger cleaning jobs.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The majority of the latest models from Roomba are Wi-Fi enabled. They allow you to connect to your smartphone so you can efficiently control them when away from home using a smartphone app rather than by using a physical remote.  That adds to the convenience of cleaning your hard-to-reach rooms, which either carpeted or hard floored. You can imagine having the convenience to command these robots to clean the hair your pet shed every now and then while you are away from home? Is it not fun and quite a great way to ease the way you do things at home?

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