Know the importance of the metro card and its benefits

Metro card is the biggest example of the technology in the country India. The passengers can travel in Metro train by making use of a metro card also known as the smart card or with the help of tokens. The metro is very convenient as well as comfortable mode of travelling from one city to another. This is the cheapest mode of transport, if one is travelling with by a metro and is travelling by making use of the smart card. This is very well connected and enables the users of Delhi/NCR to travel from one end to another.

This train facilitates its passengers with the air conditioning in summers, whereas heaters in winters. This enables the passengers to travel without getting stuck in the traffic, without any tiredness of driving, etc. This also enables the travelers travelling inside it to spend their time to utilize their time in productivity by reading books, completing assignments, etc. This also saves time as well as fuel expenses of the passengers travelling by it. The metro train is the convenient as well as the comfortable mode of transport.

The local commuters of Delhi NCR have now been provided with the new smart cards that will not only travel in Metro train, but also enables them to travel by buses. This card will help them to pay their fares with the help of their smart card. This card has a balance that gets deducted once after the travelling from one location to another. One can get his/her metro recharge online by making use of different applications.

Below mentioned are a few benefits of using the smart card in the Delhi metro:

  • No need to wait for long hours and stand in queue to take the tokens
  • This provides the users with a discount of 10% on every journey by making use of smart cards
  • This is transferrable and can be used by friends, family or relatives
  • This enables the passengers to board the train by the last minute.
  • This enables the users to get it recharged without losing the comfort of their home.
  • This also facilitates a few of the passengers to enjoy 20% discount in travelling fares, if travelling during non- peak hours.

The passengers can enjoy the advantages of the metro cards while travelling anytime. This has helped a lot in staggering the rush of the passengers. This can be recharged online and the passengers can enjoy cash back offers for the persons making the recharge. The passengers can also enjoy discounts during Sundays as well as other holidays. Earlier the discount rate for the passengers traveling during non-peak hours was only 10%. The increase in the discount rate has been implemented by the time of revised fares of metro train.

    According to some of the metro officials, the smart cards could be purchased from the offices of the ticketing and these cards can also be recharged at the stations.

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