How Proper Lubrication Is The Key To Equipment Efficiency?

Lack of lubrication, also termed as lubrication starvation is bad for the machine’s efficiency. When a mechanical system is deprived of oil, surface to surface contact takes place as the lubricating film that protects gears, bearings etc is absent and it no longer protects the surfaces.

Depleted equipments’ lubrication is detected through the process called vibration analysis. In this process, subtle vibration changes are determined and shortage of grease before the heat from friction is discovered.

As part of the friction process, two surfaces when rubbed together do not get proper lubrication and this may lead to heating up of equipment components quickly. Heat tends to show a direct correlation with how quick two surfaces rotate or slide. Let’s take an example of gears that rotate at 60-rpm which will take a longer time to heat up whereas gears rotating at 1,800-rpm will heat faster.

With the lack of appropriate grease jobs, gears rotating at fast speed will heat up fast and will eventually lead to machinery breakdown. Excessive heat generated between two surfaces can also lead to welding and galling that produce huge amounts of debris that is harmful for the equipment.  Hence it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the machinery is lubricated well to avoid failure or breakdown.

Some signs to look out for when oil shortage results are smoke coming out, unusual smell and the device becoming too heated up. When such symptoms occur, it is advisable to check the oil level. In order to defeat lubrication starvation in equipment without going overboard with the budget, it is recommended to assess the machinery on regular intervals and look out for conditions such as temperature, moisture and overload of the machines.

Out of all this, proper lubrication should be ensured in order to avoid breakdown and to ensure continued efficient functioning of the equipment. Lubrication is the key to ensure the equipment runs efficiently without any glitch. Hence proper lubrication of the equipment from time to time should be facilitated. Industrial lubricants used for machinery in industries ensure smooth functioning of the equipment as they are specifically designed to suit its usage.

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