Tote Bags – Are These Bag Good or Bad for Environment

Reusable totes are specialized bags that are easy, comfortable and safe to carry different type of items. They are a great method to give a boost and exposure to your brand. Stylish and sturdy, reusable bags, are more than just being an eco-friendly alternative. These impressive fashion accessories come in several different sizes, patterns, and prints.

How can you customize a tote bag to suit your business needs?  

Stores offer customized and unique bags that gives an ability to completely personalize a reusable tote. You can choose the handle length, material, color, trim material, add pockets, gusset color, add zippers, etc. to make it appear and function perfectly as per your expectations.

This will make your bag unique, affordable and eco-friendly measure to boost your marketing efforts. Such customized reusable totes make fabulous gifts or giveaways at tradeshows and corporate events that you can sell them in the website or storefront. There are several online and offline stores from where you can buy reusable tote bags. To make it a lot more effective marketing tool, you can create a customized tote easily.

Environmental benefits of tote bags

Tote bags help in lowering carbon emissions and pollution. Conventional plastic bags are made using high-density polyethylene that has an adverse environmental impact. These HDPE bags seem artificial. They catch in the animal’s esophagi, clot cities, fester in landfills, get reduced to small sized particles that float in ocean gyres for several years.

These bags are hard to degrade so the extent of harm it causes to nature is also more. On the contrary, cotton tote bags need fewer resources for production and distribution which makes them beneficial for nature.

Low level of carbon emission and enhanced fuel economy makes them safer and hygienic for the environment. These bags are flat, large, and easily printed which makes them best for product placement and embellishment.

Benefits of tote bag for business

Tote bags have simultaneously grown in terms of ubiquity and stature. Many of the stores provide reasonably priced reusable bags at the stamped, register, with logos. Designers have enhanced increased its stylishness that made them more appealing. Totes are mostly offered out as “promotional gifts” by not of profit organizations and businesses. This little gesture sends a message of conscientious consumption to people.

Benefits of tote bags for consumers

Whether you handle them delicately as a designer good or simply a promotional product that is put under rugged day to day use, totes are manufactured to last long. They promise sustainability to its users. These bags are versatile. You can carry anything in them with great safety and ease.  Be it a beach, art openings, the park, or concerts, you can take them anywhere without any restriction. They are highly creative and fulfilled and best for middle class use.


Made using highest quality material, one can rely on reusable totes for several years of dependable use. These environment friendly bags preserve nature and serve as a smart use of company’s marketing budget.

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