Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – Turnkey and Custom Solutions Are Best

Dust, debris, lint, and other particular contaminants are conspicuous by their presence in the industrial sector. Nearly every industrial sector relies on rugged and sturdy industrial vacuums to clear their facility. Industrial vacuum cleaners can be divided into two main categories: central vacuum systems and portable vacuum cleaners. Both these variants of vacuum cleaners have unique advantages in certain industrial operations.

The best efficiency of a vacuum cleaner or system can be experienced when an enterprise opts for customized solutions. Turn-key solutions for portable and central vacuum systems can help an organization step-up its ability to combat dust and other undesirable contaminants at various locations around the industrial facility.

Why do you need industrial vacuum cleaners?

From small job shops to large warehouses and manufacturing facilities, a vacuum cleaner is indispensable at nearly every industrial and commercial location. The presence of dust can have the following adverse effects:

  • Employee health: The presence of dust and dirt can directly affect the health of your employees. That respiratory problems are caused by high amounts of dust is common knowledge. But recent research has also established that this could cause lung cancer and cancers of the esophagus and respiratory tract.
  • Non-compliance: Agencies such as OSHA have laid down several rules and mandates pertaining to the removal and handling of dust at industrial premises. Non-compliance to these aspects could have serious implications on your business reputation and expose you to heavy penalties.
  • Risk factors: Most dust is combustible as depending on its size, moisture content, and chemical properties. Some dusts such as sawdust, lint, plastics, and so on are more combustible than others. When dust in the ambient air abounds, all it takes it a small source of ignition to set off an explosion. A small initial explosion could trigger off several secondary explosions as industrial facilities also often carry fuels and combustible raw stock.

Each of these factors stated above is serious, but can be addressed with the use of industrial vacuum cleaners. In some cases, the quality and finish of the product can also be adversely affected if ambient dust is not controlled.

Dust-combat solutions need to be designed around your specific needs. That’s precisely why it makes better business sense to partner with a firm that offers turn-key solutions. Industries such as the aerospace sector, food and beverage industries, automobiles and many more need to rely on central as well as portable vacuum systems. So much so, that a good vacuum system is considered to be a critical and indispensable aspect of company infrastructure.

It is possible to control dust, debris and other hazardous material using high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners that can be custom manufactured or tweaked to suit your industrial requirements.

I am into industrial pollution control industry since 1991. Read my article explaining the role of industrial vacuum cleaning systems [http://products.airdynamics.net/category/portable-and-central-vacuum-systems] in controlling dust, debris and other hazardous materials.

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