Different Lubricating Greases for Different Needs

Expensive equipment which generate heat cannot survive without a good quality grease. All greases are not of the same quality and they do not work the same on all equipment. Choosing the right type of grease is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and for that you should know which type of grease works best in each unique situation.

Any primary lubricant grease is composed of three main components namely a base lubricating oil, a thickener and various additives that are important for the formulation of a lubricant. When it comes to non-synthetic greases, they are made from the very same basic process. It involves taking an acid + base + water. It is actually the same process for how one would make household soap. Vegetable or animal fat is mixed with a base called lye. In household soaps, the fat used is way milder than compared to industrial greases.

Although there are a variety of greases available for different uses, all of them may not prove to be competent in all areas. . Earlier certain types of greases were specific for certain applications, for example wheel bearing jobs gave priority to calcium based greases. And jobs that involved high temperatures grease preferred sodium based greases but the disadvantage of water resistance was present along with it.

In the olden days, there were different types of greases used for different purposes but in the modern age, there is a switch to multi-purpose grease that has the characteristics of several greases combined together. After the lithium gases came into existence, they proved to be the most superior out of all greases. They were then most popularly used greases in the industrial marketplace.

Today’s market has the best multi-purpose grease that enables highest performance for the equipment. The two main multi-purpose greases in the market currently have to be lithium complex and calcium sulfonate greases. Not only are they highly functional and perform extremely well but these greases are also compatible when combined with other greases. This allows great flexibility to equipment managers as they can have the advantage of multitasking in one.

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