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The beginner’s guide to the best tips and tricks of Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 is the most successful game in the entire series so far, so if you are a big fan of Farming Simulator, then probably you might want to learn some new tips and tricks that will help you gain the upper hand in this game.

For those new to Farming Simulator, here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can learn so that you will have an easier time managing your own career as the ultimate farmer using the best tools, machineries and techniques in the modern-life of farming.

The game is just simply huge where you can choose a lot of farming tools, equipment, machines, and vehicles from the top farming brands and the best farming methods and techniques, however, your gaming experience would be totally fun and smooth if you incorporate some important tips and tricks.

Not to take this long, here are some of the best tips and tricks for farming simulator 19 pc gratuit.

  1. Purchase fields– The fields nearby is being managed and being worked by AI players which can also be purchased by you and it is also highly-recommended that you have to purchase, but, only after they have already planted and worked and you will have stored funds by then, and you can also get to take advantage of the benefits of your own harvest without having to work on your own because of the AI workers that you purchased.
  2. Weeding is very important– If you are a real-life farmer, you probably know the necessity to remove weeds from your fields regularly which is also equally important in Farming Simulator 19 to ensure that you wield healthy crops and plants during the harvest season, free from invasive plants and grass which can affect the overall quality of your plants and crops. Always remember that your money depends on the quality of your crops too. You can assign your AI workers to do the weeding to free yourself from the hassle.
  3. Lease some machines– In the early stages of the game, you cannot afford to purchase machines, however, you can lease them for the meantime as you save more money to buy your own eventually. They are very efficient and you can improve your harvesting with it.
  4. Do not ride on your plants– Just like in real life, Farming Simulator is as close to it which is why if you accidentally ride on your plants and crops it will surely damage it, worse it will kill it which can affect your upcoming income.
  5. Take advantage of the free storage– If you cannot purchase a storage facility early in the game, you can actually look for public silos where you can store your crops for free and you can find these near railway tracks which is very easily to find and very easy to use if you do not have enough money as of the moment.
  6. Make money faster– You can purchase a timber lorry which may be costly, but this investment will surely have a better return of investment especially when you know how to use it effectively to transport your crops faster in the early parts of the game or you can find more info here.
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