All about the ELD Rule

ELD Rule calls for the Secretary of Transportation to embrace guidelines needful for ELD use in CMVs (commercial motor vehicles) involved in interstate business, when run by drivers who are needed to retain RODS (records of duty status). Section 32301(b) of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act; enacted as part of MAP-21, (Pub L. 112-141, 786-788, July 6, 2012, 126 Stat. 405) mandates the ELD rule.

Let’s take a look on the ELD Rule:

  • Should be used by Commercial Drivers
  • Used for the preparation of records of duty status (RODS) and hours-of-service (HOS)
  • Should be certified and registered with FMCSA
  • Provides e logs for truckers

ELD mandates can even update data of the previous voyages and show the exact location of the next delivery and in this way keeps a count of one’s duty hours. Any changes in the official system or any expected disaster are thus faced with a great care and preparation like never before. Automobile industries are thus having a boon of profit while earning customer satisfaction and employee reliability to the fullest. Job holders can now fully depend on the Eld Mandate tracking devices for the preservation of their work history, duty according to his own choice, online tracking of the job hours and an on time payment. They can now rest in peace while the back office staffs prepare their payrolls. Hence, job satisfaction along with a job guarantee is now offered to the common man by these trucking business and trade.

Violations of job hours or absence regarding fatigue, illness or other causes can be immediately updated to the back end officers so that safety is never compromised. Thus harassments from every corner are explicitly prohibited by FMCSA recognized ELD mandate which automatically registers the resulting data elements at certain intervals:

  • Date, time and location
  • Engine hours
  • Vehicle miles
  • Driver and vehicle identification information

Thus these exceptional web-based vehicle management solutions offer the vehicle drivers with real time information regarding Hours of Services and Location of each vehicle. While the IFTA reporting made simple, the Driver Vehicle Information Report (DVIR) is shown on the back office portal by the EL system in real time as well. The prime motto being the online connectivity and portability of the users, the ELD Mandate makes the on road operation more efficient and less time consuming than others.

Benefitted with compliance and reliability, the company provides a trustworthy relationship with the clients. They can have a detailed or a brief view of the logging records as required time to time. An experience of over 75 years of creating and implementing trade processes and certifications for the transportation industries, the management has produced a better and more user-friendly application that is affordable as well as a fully acquiescent solution to the table.  Users can access the online platform from anywhere in the world with a secured user name and password due to a cloud based software.

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