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Why is Total War: Three Kingdom’s diplomacy feature is the most improved of all Total War games? Find out here

Despite being one of the best Real Time Strategy (RTS) game in PC, the Total War franchise have a lot of issues in its gameplay especially when it comes to its diplomacy feature where alliances are fragile and everything that needs to be accurate with history seemed to become completely opposite knowing that this feature has occupied a large place in the Total War franchise, however it has always given you that feeling that the series is just wasting its storyline when it just cannot simply keep up with making it historically accurate with its gameplay, however, the newest Total War game, the Total War: Three Kingdoms have some noticeable improvements in its diplomacy feature.

Creative Assembly, the team behind developing all your beloved Total War games have shoved diplomacy into the spotlight by making it historically accurate and a strong focus of the game knowing that the Three Kingdoms era of China is full of political turmoil and thickened plots which adds a lot of excitement to the game.

The heroes you select before you start the campaign have unique diplomatic abilities that let you talk to people and make them fight wars for you at the same time manipulate their relationships with your opponents which is very realistic in nature.

Every hero or leader that you come across in the game have a broad range of diplomatic as well as diplomatic-adjacent options regardless of what ability they have while the AI on the gameplay is very prone also for joining your forces where you can cozy up with some factions that are friendly to you where you can freely declare yourself emperor while there are some discrete diplomacy system which bargains you between different faction like deals and treaties which can be influenced of your relationship towards them just like the other Total War games.

There are many ways you can incorporate diplomacy a more efficient weapon by each getting faction to fiddle around in certain parts of the entire game.

Also, you have to negotiate and figure out some ways to put pressure on other leaders especially those powerful leaders who stayed neutral to convince them in joining your coalition. Yes, the alliance in Three Kingdoms is called coalition. In order to gain allies to join your coalition you have to court them efficiently to win their minds and hearts which means personal relationship with other faction leaders is very important in the Three Kingdoms compared to other Total War games where the people and entire faction itself depends on their tolerance as well as your actions from other factions in order for them to accept any deal with you.

Because of the depth of the diplomacy feature in both the individual-level and the faction-wide system, you can visibly notice during the gameplay that it is totally different from the previous Total War series games that you can learn here.

Negotiations cannot simply be reached just by giving golds or demand payments from your enemies, you have to work hard to make a deal out of it which is totally rewarding especially that one faction, Cao Cao is pretty aggressive in the entire campaign.

The diplomacy system of the Total War: Three Kingdoms along with some intricate relationships is very good for RTS where you can experience triumph, betrayals, secrecy, and bloodshed. If you want to know more about total war three kingdoms download the link provided.

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