Top 3 Amazing Android Music Players Apps

What type of music do you like? Do you love to store a huge variety of songs in your playlist? Ah, you know you can beautifully organize and manage your songs in your android device or mobile phone with apt music players. There are so many options to choose from.

Whether you look for a simple and traditional type of music player, an advanced player or any other type of musical player; you can have it all as per your convenience. The best part is that you can own the finest music players within spending any penny. Just do 9apps free download and this third party play store are going to get you all the applications for free and in immense variety. For now, have a look at some of the music players below:


This is an advertisement free, lightweight music player that has a lot of features.  The app allows the users to control their music player by making use of earphone button; an individual tap for pause/play, double click would play the next song or track, and triple click will take you to the previous song. Similarly you can also fast-Forward the tracks with 4 or more frequent taps.  It claims to be the only musical application that underpins manifold playing queues.  This app is an easy to use platform and it caters the users a great experience.  In the terms of functionality and working, you would find various types of features in this app that makes it one of the finest apps on android. In case you have not tried this app out so far, make sure that you do it now.

Pi Music player

Crafted and designed in a gorgeous manner, Pi Music Player is featured with all the features that you might want to have in an Android music player app. once you start this app, you would be asked to choose a theme that interests you the most.  You can also change the theme later on if you so desire. The app also possesses an amazing looking interface that is going to enhance your experience for sure. You can comfortably play all the music songs from all the albums and by name, artist and a lot more.

Phonograph Music Player

This is a visually fascinating app having a neat material design user interface. The UI changes in a dynamic manner to match colour as per content on-screen. The theme engine it owns do permit the users to customize the player as they wish. Not just is this Android music player is handsome looking but it is absolutely exciting in features too.

It could interest you that this app Phonograph automatically downloads all the missing data about your media. The tag editor that is there in this app allows you to conveniently edit the tags like that of artist or title for single songs or even that of whole albums. Indeed, this app is will cater the users an excellent experience. The app also has other types of features like lock screen gapless playback, controls, and also a sleep timer.  The application would be a complete delight to have.


So, you should check these apps out if you haven’t done it yet. They would multiply your musical pleasure!

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